We’re looking for engaging, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, that takes us on an adventure and fills us with wanderlust. We’re looking for stories that engage all the senses, are full of intelligence, and display the compelling nature we human beings are capable of feeling.

In short, we’re looking for an experience.

If you believe your story or poetry conveys this, we’d be happy to take a look at your writing. 


  1. include the genre
  2. a query letter (attachment as a PDF)
  3. a synopsis of the book (yes, even the spoilers! Attachment as a PDF)
  4. the first ten pages (attachment as a PDF)
  5. general overall word count (example: 83,000)
  6. an author biography (with all contact information—mailing address, phone, email, full name).

Please email the above at Be sure to put the word SUBMISSION in the subject line along with your full name. The submission review process will take about six-eight weeks. Submissions are not guaranteed publication.