Book Cover Design

It’s a fact that most people do judge a book by its cover. No matter how incredible your writing is, your book needs to have a great cover in order to entice someone to pick it up off the shelf.

When it comes to book covers, there’s plenty to keep in mind, from thumbnails to font, theme, and tone, as well as genre. All of those need to be conveyed in the mere seconds a reader is passing your book on the shelves.

You’ve worked hard on your manuscript. Perhaps your novel or memoir took years to complete. Let me help you by designing a cover that will sell! I’ll will work with you (via email and phone) to get you the cover your story deserves.

Book Cover Design starts from $750, but may include extra fees, such as stock image or font purchases. This pricing includes a print cover with front, back, and spine, and the e-book cover. The more information you provide me, the more accurately I can provide a cover. I may ask for a portion of the book, or maybe the entire book, and/or a synopsis to help me nail the cover.

Interested in having me design your cover? Send me an email with BOOK COVER DESIGN as the subject line.

Please include your best contact phone number, and your best available time to talk in the body of the email (

Interior Book Design

In addition to designing covers, I also design paperback and kindle interiors for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books. These rates range depending on type of project, number of pages/chapters, and how detailed the design needs to be. Nonfiction or books with photos, glossaries, and/or exercises will take longer to design. Fiction and memoir will be quicker, unless there are images added.

Everything is custom quoted before I start. Once you approve the quote, I’ll move forward and will be in frequent contact for feedback, proofing, and final approval.

Interior Design starts from $1000 for simple layout (memoir, poetry, fiction) and from $1700 for nonfiction with a lot of elements like a glossary, graphs, charts, etc. and photos.

Want me to design your book’s interior? Send me an email with INTERIOR BOOK DESIGN as the subject line.

Please include your best contact phone number, and your best available time to talk in the body of the email (

Editorial Assessment & Developmental Editing

I love books. Everything about books. So it’s no wonder that I offer additional services for writers aside from covers and interior book design.

Writers are generally closer to the story than anyone, therefore it’s wise to get a second, third, or fourteenth set of eyes on the book to check for errors, plot structure or questions, and other glaring issues like dialogue tags or too many metaphors or exclamation points.

Editorial Assessment

Developmental Editing


This is an extremely valuable look at the big picture of your manuscript in its early stages, and should be done before developmental editing or more substantive line editing. I’ll read your work and take into account the overall tone, style, plot, characterization, structure, and consistency within the book.

This type of edit might lead to significant changes to your manuscript. It will look at the weaknesses and strengths of the book.

This type of edit will include about 5 pages of review and suggestions; it does not include any per-page edits. This review is done at $.01 per word. Example: If you send us a book that is 72,500 words, your total charge would be $725.00.

This type of edit takes a thorough and in-depth look at the detailed structure of the book, including tone of voice, point-of-view, setting, character development, pacing and flow, areas of weakness in regard to plot, conflicts, and tension. Also included in this type of edit is world-building, if you’re writing fantasy or science fiction. In addition, we also include minor edits, such as proper dialogue tagging and general fact checking if we question what we read. An edit of this type can be, for inexperienced writers, a challenging experience and I try to take this into account. Cutting, moving and rearranging your manuscript can be difficult, but I assure you my edits are made from years of reading and being edited myself by some of the best editors.

This edit will include about 10 pages of review and suggestions for the book, with edits also noted throughout the book via comments in Word (with the same as an export to PDF).

This type of edit is completed at $.02 per word. Example: if your book is 72,500 words, the total would be $1450.

Struggling to finish your book? Can’t get past the first few chapters? Don’t know where your book is going? Need feedback? Have you arrived to the middle of your book and feel stuck?

If so, I can help. Let’s start with your free 15-minute consultation via phone. I’ve been giving and receiving writing advice for more than 10 years. I love stories, I love helping writers, and sharing my writing knowledge.

Because the writing process is different for each writer  for many reasons—experience, genre, process, finding time—I tailor my coaching to each client’s needs. We’ll start each session with a 45-minute conversation about your writing to see where you’re struggling, where you see the project going, and your timeline. I’ll ask you questions about the problems you’re having, your writing process, and any other factors that could be affecting your writing. We’ll work together on a plan to get you back on track and to a final draft.

Coaching sessions starts at $150 each. Each session is about an hour and half, including the phone call, reading time on pieces of writing between 15-25 pages, and feedback on your writing (written via email). The number of sessions you’ll need depends on your writing goals. Package sessions also available—email for details.

To work with me for Editorial Assessment or Developmental Editing, please email me with EDITING as the subject line. To work with me as your Writing Coach, please email me with COACHING as the subject line.

Please include your best contact phone number, and your best available time to talk in the body of the email (