Does seeing the future mean you may have a chance to change it?

For Francesca Munro, a successful artist in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that is a question that plagues her daily thoughts. For years she’s kept her psychic abilities a secret but when a murder she’s dreamt of actually occurs—and then another—her struggle to cope with the deadly visions may be exposed.

Francesca knows that there is a deeper meaning to the murders, one that may be connected to her—especially when she begins to receive bizarre and cryptic clues that send her catapulting into a search for the truth about her mother who committed suicide twelve years earlier.

As Francesca tries to figure out how the past she barely remembers, yet is so desperate to forget, is connected to the killings, the body count rises. Delaware State Police Homicide Detective Jack Remington tries to unravel the intricate knot that ties the victims to Francesca.

But can Jack solve the mystery before Francesca becomes the final piece in a twisted killer’s one-man show?

Kate Ketchum is inflicted with the disease of desire. Impassioned with fantasies of a singing career and traveling the world, she abandons her generations-old family tradition working at the declining Owl & Shamrock shoe factory. Leaving the stage of the local pub she’s graced for years, Kate pursues her music education, when a surprising college scholarship to the University of Connecticut provides her escape route.

Enter Michael James. Back from two tours in Vietnam with haunts and secrets he’s loath to share, he rejects his father’s Harvard legacy and family business, and heads to UConn.

Wanderlust captures the college campus life where Kate and Michael’s worlds collide in 1968 against the backdrop of the Vietnam war-passionate times of change, hippies, and history.

Disappointments, distractions, and devastation, U-turns, misfortunes, and the fast lane lure each of the characters to unexpected destinations-from an institution for disabled youth to a concert in Paris to the bustling streets of Bangkok. Will their differing passions and history heal them or tear them apart?